Previous Theoretical Chemistry Seminars

13. 2009.05.21 Bhanu Pratap Das (Bangalore)
Quantum Phase Transitions in Two Species Ultracold Bose Mixtures
12. 2009.05.08 Sanghamitra Das (BME)
Applications of Molecular Many-Body Methods for Treating Strongly Correlated Molecular States
11. 2009.04.24 Hideo Sekino (Toyohashi)
New space representation in quantum chemical computations
10. 2008.04.29 Ante Graovac (Zagreb)
Topological generation of molecular geometries - application for nanotubes and tube junctions
9. 2007.12.4 Leonid Chernozatonskii
Modelling of nanocarbons: structures and their properties
8. 2007.10.16 Masato Kobayashi (Eötvös Univ, Budapest)
Post-Hartree-Fock calculations based on the divide-and-conquer method
7. 2007.04.27 Zsófia Szalay (Eötvös Univ, Budapest)
Monte Carlo simulation of dynamic NMR spectra
6. 2007.02.08 Zoltán Rolik (LTC)
A sparse full-CI algorithm
5. 2006.12.19 Péter Szalay (LTC)
Triplet instabilities in doublet systems
4. 2006.11.17 Andzrej Okninski (Univ of Kielce, Poland)
Chaotic Operator Dynamics
3. 2006.09.09 Péter Surján (LTC)
Potential use of Singular Spectral Operators
2. 2006.08.24 Bijaya Kumar Sahoo (Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)
Applications of the Relativistic Coupled-cluster Theory to High Precision Calculations in Atoms
1. 2006.08.09 Reinhold Fink (Univ of Würzburg, Germany)
New perturbation theory approaches to the electron correlation problem