Fogarasi, Géza


phone: (+36 1) 209 0555/ ext. 1609
fax: (+36 1) 209 0602
mail: H-1518 Budapest,112 Pf.32 (Hungary)

Short CV:

Géza Fogarasi was born 1942 in Kolozsvár/Hungary. He studied chemistry at Eötvös University/Budapest (ELTE), where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1969. Since then he has been faculty member at the Departmental Group of Chemistry at ELTE, now reorganized to Institute of Chemistry. He was head of the Dept. of Theoretical Chemistry during its existence, 1985-2005. He spent longer research periods as postdoctoral fellow and later as visiting professor at several German and U.S. universities (Univ. Ulm/Germany; Univ. Texas/Austin, TX; Univ. Arkansas, Fayetteville/AR.)


General Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Theoretical Chemistry

Research interest:

Theoretical Chemistry (Quantum Chemistry) and Vibrational Spectroscopy
Molecular Structural Studies by Theoretical Methods


87 papers, 3 book chapters. Independent citations from SCI: > 7300.

Selected Publications

Publications of OTKA grant 2008-2012